Thursday, June 17, 2010


Serious Dota Allstar strategy:

-Replays for any particular hero
-Mathematical breakdown of hero statistics
-Abilities with mana costs & details
-Recipe breakdown for easy understanding
-Full costs including pre-requisite items
-Hero specific forums
-Item specific forums
-Hero choices
-Ability paths
-Item purchases
-Player chat

Strategy !
mesti lahh ada strategy dlm pale otak korang,gune kan pale otak secukup nyee dan sekretif2 ,dlm permainan dota perlu ada strategy dan otak sentiasa berjalan dan tdak bole khayal .

hero ?macam2 korang bole pick hero,sb hero dota nii ada banyak ,setiap org kne pilih 1 saje hero,smue hero kuat dan ad 4 skill saje .cme sape yg reti main hero tuhh maka dia pro hero tuhh .

Apa maksud Dota ALLstar ?:
DotA Allstars is a WarCraft 3 UMS (Use map settings). The game begins with choosing a hero from either the Sentinel or the Scourge (other game modes available as well). From there you attack the other teams base alongside your team's "creeps" which spawn periodically. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing teams world tree which is protected by towers.

ingt .pepehal yg tak fhm tentang dota bole la post kan cmnt yg ada kat blog nii ,t aku reply .GOOD LUCK DHERR;D


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